What is a Managed Operations Provider?

What is a Managed Operations Provider?

ONE Department is introducing an entirely new way to run a small business.


When large enterprises need to solve their operational pain points, they can go to a Big Four firm like Deloitte or KPMG. There hasn’t been an equivalent for small and mid-size businesses – until now.


A Managed Operations Provider handles your non-core operations – so you don’t have to.


ONE Department is a Managed Operations Provider (MOP). Like a Managed Service Provider (MSP), an MOP takes non-core business operations – like payroll, network security, or social media campaigns – off your plate so that you can focus on your customers and growing the business. But while an MSP typically only works with technology, a Managed Operations Provider can help your organization in multiple areas: accounting & finance, marketing, IT, and management support.


With the advent of powerful new communications technology – that is, the internet and the SaaS platforms it has enabled – there is simply no need for a small business to waste resources on managing their accounting, marketing, and technology in-house. Your business needs to focus on its core competencies, whether that’s selling fabulous food, building new software tools, or rewiring old buildings.


After all, you didn’t get into business to spend all your time dealing with 1099 forms, chasing payments from clients, and worrying about network security. Most small business owners and CEOs find that their days are constantly derailed by operational fires that detract from the “real” work they want to get done. With ONE Department, we’ll simply take care of those issues for you, and provide you with aggregated reporting to help you make better strategic decisions. (You can take a look at all of our services to see exactly what we offer.)


A Managed Operations Provider implements future-ready digital solutions to put you ahead of the competition.


This kind of outsourcing is not new. After all, most companies today typically lease space rather than building their own offices, buy software programs rather than creating them in-house, and cater lunches for meetings rather than trying to cook in the break room.


What has changed is that new technology makes communication and data sharing easier than ever before. Now, a Managed Operations Provider can use SaaS tools to handle your routine operational tasks remotely – saving you time and money, and giving you peace of mind that we’ll simply take care of any problems that arise.


We believe that within in a few decades, organizations that have integrated digital solutions into their operations platform will be crushing their competition – and the ones that don’t will largely be closing their doors.


A Managed Operations Provider saves you money.


ONE Department focuses exclusively on business operations services for SMBs. This means that even though running payroll, for example, might not be your main strength, it is ours. We can handle your operational tasks faster and more efficiently than most companies can do in-house.


We not only identify and implement the digital solutions that will put you ahead of the pack, we also continue to manage those solutions in the future. That means you’re saving the cost of researching solutions, implementing them, and vendor management – and you don’t need to pay an employee to manage those relationships and respond to any problems that may arise. Plus, the flexible nature of our services means that we can focus on what is most important to you each month.


Your dedicated Account Manager is a crucial part of this. He or she will act as an external COO for your organization, monitoring your processes, responding to any issues that may arise, and reporting back to you with insights and recommendations.


A Managed Operations Provider prepares you for the digital revolution.


You may already be outsourcing various tasks to different vendors, whether it’s bookkeeping, website hosting, or computer configuration. The problem with fragmenting your operations across multiple vendors is that as your company grows, tasks like this will only become more complex. And using multiple outside vendors creates silos of independent infrastructure outside your organization, so that it’s a constant battle to align sales and marketing strategy, to get data from IT to HR, or to ensure that your tax planner has all the information they need.


Now, ONE Department can aggregate all these operational silos into one central unit. Bringing these different functions together, into “one department,” enables greater efficiencies, improved employee fulfillment, and an enhanced customer experience.


If your business needs help with an operational pain point, please contact us. We’d love to help you take your business to the next level.

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