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Do you have the information you need to effectively manage your organization?

Many owners and CEO’s find themselves asking questions like:

Can I get a dashboard with all my information?

Is this the most current information?

How can we act on this data quickly?


Management Support Services provide REAL-TIME reporting to monitor your company’s growth.

Dashboards & Analytics

In the world of Big Data, gathering information isn’t as important as being able to access and act on that information.

Strategic Account Manager

Acting as an external COO for your business, your strategic Account Manager will monitor your operations and report back with insights and suggestions for improvement.

Forward Planning

Planning for the future of your company can be challenging. We’ll help you consider options from succession planning to M&A guidance.

Strategic Consulting

Whether you’re looking for funding or to decimate the competition, we can help you translate business goals into an actionable plan.

Strategic Consulting

Deciding on the long-term direction for your business is never simple, but it can help to have an outside perspective. We’ll help you take a fresh look at your business strategy, your fundamental value proposition and KPIs, and we can even set you up for success with funding or M&A goals.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your point of contact in ONE Department, your dedicated Account Manager acts as an external COO who will oversee your operations, and come to you with recommendations and insights for improvement.

Business Strategy Assessment

Do you have a clear and documented business strategy for the next year, two years, or five years? While it may seem less important in the moment than putting out a fire with one of your suppliers, long-term business success depends on defining clear goals and maintaining strategies aligned with those goals.

Business Formation & Business Entity

S-corp, C-corp, LLC – the business formation choices you made when you began the company may not suit your business needs now. We can help you reorganize your business for greater growth and success in the future.

Value Proposition Modeling

aHow does your product or service solve a problem for your customers in a unique way? Why should they choose you over one of their competitors, and how likely are they to do so?

Digital Transformation Strategy

Forward-thinking CEOs who want their company to be around in 20 years are taking digital transformation seriously. It’s the process of leveraging new technology for greater business efficiency and customer satisfaction. In fact, everything that ONE Department does for our clients helps to put them on the path towards digital transformation and business longevity.

Organizational Structure

Organization ChartIf you haven’t revisited your org structure since you had four employees, it’s probably time to do so. Thoughtfully revising your company’s organizational structure isn’t just busywork; it can help everyone on your team feel more secure in their position and role in the company.

Business Planning & General Consulting

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. When ONE Department manages your business operations, we are in the unique position of being able to provide an outsider’s perspective while still being intimately familiar with your business and industry. We’ll come alongside you to provide the data you need to resolve managerial challenges and help make strategic decisions.

KPI Modeling

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are typically non-financial indicators that show the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. There are many management frameworks for selecting and modeling KPIs, and we will work with you to determine the most essential KPIs for your organization and the best means of achieving them.

Financial Strategic Analysis

A company’s financial strategy uses its financial tools to maximize shareholder value. Small businesses, without the resources to withstand large losses, typically focus their financial strategy on profitability. We can work with you to assess your margins, costs and assets to improve your financial performance.

Succession Planning

Who will take over running your company when you decide it’s time to step down? Whether you want to be prepared in case of illness or accident, or you want to plan for a fulfilling retirement, we can work with you to set up an effective succession plan.

Exit Strategy Planning

Do you have a 5, 10, or 20-year plan in place? Some business owners want to keep running their company for decades, while others are looking for sales opportunities or the next stage of their career. We’ll help align your personal goals with your business goals.

Funding & Capitalization

If you want to grow quickly, it is sometimes necessary to take on some debt. We have expert business advisors and financial planners with decades of experience in small business fundraising to help you work through the process as smoothly as possible.

M&A Guidance

Perhaps a larger competitor has approached you about a possible merger, or a private equity group is interested in your value proposition. We can help you understand the true value of your company and how to best present it to the market.

Acquisition Preparation & Due Diligence

Like preparing a home to sell, preparing a business to sell involves a lot of deep cleaning and reorganizing. We’ll bring in experts to make sure your corporate books are clean and all assets and liabilities are clear.

Pricing Models

Pricing strategies have only become more complex in the days of “freemium” web applications and SaaS platforms. We can help you determine how to maximize profitability while keeping your customers satisfied.

Governance & Compliance

You may not be large enough to warrant a full-time compliance officer, but even for small companies there are still plenty of compliance issues to be managed. We can take care of all your GRC issues, so that you never have to worry about whether or not you’re following the right practices.

Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting

Can your small business benefit from big data? Absolutely! As long as you’re clear on the specifics of what you need to monitor, it’s now possible to track behavior from employees, customers, prospects, and even your products.

Financial Projections

Financial projections can be complex, as they combine sales forecasts with expenses, cash flow, assets and liabilities and more. Let us help you simplify the process with experienced financial planners who can pull together the numbers for you.

Management Accounting

This kind of management can focus on strategic management, performance management, or risk management, and is designed to create data-driven insights that help drive management’s decision-making.

CVP Analysis

Cost-volume-profit analysis determines how changes in costs and volume will affect your company’s operating income and net income. In industries that are particularly in flux or disrupted by new technology, CVP analysis can help a company keep an eye on its future prosperity.

Project Costing

Per-project costing is often particularly effective in helping management make strategic decisions about which products and services to offer and how projects should be managed.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting, which is designed to analyze and summarize all business costs, is a powerful tool to control the costs and profitability of current operations.

Custom Data Aggregation & Analysis

With new tools like Microsoft’s Business Intelligence, Sisense, and Clear Analytics, the biggest problem in big data today is no longer how to get enough data, but rather, how to sort the wheat from the chaff. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to find the actionable data that truly matters to your decision-making.

Custom Reporting

While our standard reporting covers most significant elements of business operations reporting, we recognize that every industry and every company is unique. We’re here to develop whatever custom reporting you need to power your company’s growth.

Marketing Metrics

How many people have heard your message, how many website visitors did you get, and how is that contributing to your bottom line? Our marketing metrics will show you marketing success and areas for improvement.

KPI Reporting

Once your key performance indicators are defined, it’s important to measure them regularly and monitor your progress. The managerial dashboards that ONE Department sets up for you will give you always-on insight to your company’s growth.

Internal Financial Visibility

Lack of internal financial visibility is one of the key frustrations for C-suite leaders. We’ll work to ensure that your company’s financial performance is readily accessible without having to make an appointment with your accountant.

Legal – With Counsel

There are times when a lawyer is indispensable, and many of those times have to do with protecting your corporation and its assets. We work with high-value business lawyers to ensure that your business is protected, and you’re not left open to legal liabilities that could derail the company.

General Business

A qualified attorney can help defend your rights and point out red flags or upcoming issues. In the areas of HR, fundraising, succession planning and more, you’ll find many areas where getting a lawyer’s advice up front will save you significant headaches farther down the road.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can enhance the value of your small business – when it’s done correctly. Legal advice on trademarks, copyright and trade secrets are essential for any business with proprietary knowledge or products.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you need just office space or a complete storefront, commercial real estate law governs the property you own or rent, your legal rights and those of your landlord, and how your enterprise interacts with city codes. A real estate attorney can advise you on surveying requirements, building code disputes and more.

Contract Review & Management

Most contracts are not actually “good enough” before they’ve been reviewed by a lawyer. Erroneous assumptions, template errors and inappropriate boilerplate language are often found in business contracts. Worse, one unenforceable clause could make the entire contract void. If you want a contract to protect your rights in the event of a legal dispute, you need an attorney to review it first.


Cybersecurity and data privacy are hot-button issues right now, and will only become more so in the coming decade. The legal field is working hard to ensure that the law will catch up with new technology, but at the moment, cybersecurity liability is often confusing and murky. A well-informed attorney can advise you on risk mitigation and your current obligations under law.

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