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The Power of Technology
IT continues to grow, providing businesses with bigger and better solutions.
In doing so, IT has become ever complex.
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IT Services

It’s hard to believe that just a few decades ago, the personal computer didn’t even exist. Now, you can’t run a business without computers any more than you can run one without electricity.


And computers aren’t just for spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations any more. The advent of the internet and cloud computing means that everything is connected: different employees and departments can share data and communicate almost instantaneously.


This new technology is fundamentally changing how modern business operations works, and the companies that win will be the ones that understand how to leverage IT for more efficiency, superior customer experience, employee empowerment, and product transformation.

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Cloud-Based IT Services to power every

part of your business operations.

IT Consulting

The digital revolution isn’t just about new technology. It’s about using that technology to create new operational efficiencies and new management insights.

Cloud Infrastructure

Done right, cloud-based infrastructure keeps your data secure and allows everyone in your organization to communicate more effectively. Whether it’s SAAS, IAAS, or PAAS, we can help you deploy the right cloud infrastructure for you.

Data Management

Who has access to your data? How long do you keep it? How do you analyze it? We can help you create systems to effectively manage the wealth of data in the digital world.


Just one security breach can take down an entire company. It’s essential to implement — and maintain! — up-to-date antivirus and data security protocols.

Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure – the computers, networks, and servers a company relies on – is the backbone of modern business operations. The most effective business solutions today are digital platforms, like QuickBooks Pro or Office 365, that allow your departments to work more efficiently and communicate with one another more effectively. We will help you craft a future-ready digital infrastructure with SaaS solutions to put you ahead of your competitors.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

We begin with an assessment of your current IT infrastructure. What data does your company rely on, and where does your data live? It could be on a server in your facility, on individual computers, in the cloud, on an old external hard drive sitting in a drawer – or, if you’re like most companies, a combination of all of these. Determining the scope of your data allows us to create an effective digital infrastructure, covering data that needs to be accessed, archived, or destroyed.

Cloud-Based Server Infrastructure

If you still have physical servers on site, we recommend moving your data into the cloud instead. Cloud storage is safer and more affordable than ever – and, more importantly, an effective cloud infrastructure is the best way to take advantage of the wealth of efficiencies the digital world has to offer.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Your organization might have a need for both cloud servers and on-site servers. This setup, known as “hybrid cloud,” is particularly useful for situations with unusually sensitive data, or essential legacy software programs.

Internal Server Infrastructure

If you need to keep a server solution on site, it’s essential to keep it running smoothly. Here’s where we handle all the things you don’t have to worry about with a cloud-based system: installing patches, running anti-virus protection, software and firmware updates, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics

MS Dynamics is a group of highly customizable ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) software applications. Configuration can be complex, so it’s not the best solution for everyone, but it’s an extremely powerful tool for highly data-driven companies.

Software Tools

Installing, configuring, and updating all the software tools your company needs can be a thankless chore. When you turn it over to ONE Department, onboarding and IT become much simpler for you – and you can rest easy, knowing that we are immediately available to help you resolve any software errors or downtime.

Configuring Computers & Workstations

When you need another computer set up, there’s a lot of work involved: software, antivirus protection, user permissions, network connections and more. Skip the hair-pulling and late nights, and let us handle it for you seamlessly.

OS Platform Support

Whether your office uses Windows machines, Macs, or even Linux or Ubuntu, we’ll ensure your operating systems are fully up to date and working smoothly.

Productivity Tools

Every computer or workstation needs a suite of productivity tools, like Office 365. We’ll handle installation, configuration, and updates so that your employees can dive right into work.

Email Hosting


How far into a work day could you get without email? Your company’s email hosting service needs to be set up correctly and needs to run reliably. We’ll configure your email system, migrate existing emails to a new hosting provider, and set up spam filters and antivirus protection.

SaaS Cloud Storage

A complete, flexible, and robust document management system allows streamlined communication between employees and departments. We’ll put your documents and other data in the cloud for always-on access, including access controls and versioning of your data. We also create the file structure and framework to keep your files organized and accessible.

Data Management

In a business world where everything now depends on digital data, it is essential to protect, secure, and backup that data regularly. We’ll implement and maintain workflows to ensure your data is taken care of, even if the intern deletes your big presentation. We cover the project seamlessly, from data management strategy to implementation to ongoing maintenance and quality assurance, so your critical data is protected now and in the future.

Data Management Assessment

We begin with a thorough assessment of your existing digital data footprint. If you’re like many small companies, your data is in multiple places: on-site servers, individual computers, forgotten DropBox accounts, even an old hard drive in a desk drawer somewhere. We’ll get a complete picture of where your data lives so that we can bring it all together.

Disaster Recovery

Accidents happen. But when you can’t access the right information and clients are breathing down your neck, the last thing you want is to spend all day on the phone with a customer service help line. We’ll put safeguards in place to ensure that if the worst does happen, we’ll be able to resolve it for you as quickly as possible.

Data Backups

According to Clutch research, 58% of small businesses are not prepared for a data loss. Worse, 60% of small businesses that lose their data will shut down in 6 months. But there’s no need to be a statistic: ONE Department will implement and maintain regular data backups to ensure you’re prepared.

Data Retention Planning

How long should you keep your data? Who needs it? Who is responsible for it? In consultation with you, we’ll design and manage a data retention plan to ensure you’re keeping the right amount of information for the right amount of time. We’ll also help you determine which parts of your data should be regularly accessed, archived, or permanently destroyed, and implement a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution if needed.

Data Version Controls

How many times have you overwritten a file, only to realize that you need the original document as well? With version control, your cloud-based data storage will automatically maintain previous versions of files, so you’re never left recreating old versions of documents.


Whether caused by malicious acts from outside, or human error on the inside, cybersecurity is a critical issue for businesses of all sizes. According to Keeper Security, over half of all small businesses will experience a cyberattack or data breach, costing an average of $1.8M in response work and lost revenue.

IT Security Assessment

Cybersecurity is a sprawling field with dozens of moving parts to keep in order, from firewalls to intrusion detection. We’ll make a complete assessment of your current cybersecurity initiatives and develop a game plan to ensure you have layers of protection and immediate notification if a breach does occur.

Antivirus Protection

Almost every time there’s a major cybersecurity breach in the news, like WannaCry in 2017, it turns out that many of the affected organizations were only vulnerable because their software and antivirus protection was out of date. We’ll manage regular updates to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date software patches and antivirus protection.

Email Spamware Protection

Unfortunately, email malware and phishing attacks are still common, and often still successful as well. We’ll stay on top of updates to make sure you have the right protections, and we can even help educate your employees on safe best practices when managing email.

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Also known as Network Management or Remote Monitoring Software, RMM allows ONE Department to monitor your network remotely. That way, we can keep your machines up-to-date and proactively resolve issues before problems occur, without having to come onsite.

Password Management

A comprehensive password management tool, like LastPass or Dashlane, allows all of your employees to store their passwords in a fully secure and encrypted digital environment, significantly reducing the chances of a malicious hacker getting access to your information.

Network Security

There are so many moving pieces in Network Security, and it’s not something you can do on the fly. You need someone dedicated to ensuring the ongoing stability and protection of your network at all levels. That’s where we come in.

  • Hardware Security: Firmware Updates, Routers, VPNs, Switches, Firewalls, etc.
  • Software Security: Software Updates, Password Management, User Authentication, etc.

Network Management

Once you connect two computers, chaos is just over the horizon. Effective network management comprises performance management, fault analysis, and maintaining quality of service – and requires a clear understanding of servers, routers, firewalls, switches, VPNs and more. ONE Department can help you implement and maintain a network that serves your business’s needs, so that you can stay focused on customers rather than on IT.

Network Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment to determine the current state of your network’s health, from developing a list of critical infrastructure to monitoring network dependencies and alerting.

LAN/WAN Design & Management

A LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network) connects computers, data, and other peripherals like printers so that your team can work together.

Network Management Software

At a certain size, a network management solution becomes essential. This software enables centralized IT administration and centralized backups, and can also manage data traffic, address potential security threats, and alert you when something goes wrong.

Network Peripherals

From traditional peripherals like printers and scanners, to modern smartphones and smart watches, almost any electronic device can be part of your network. We’ll manage your peripherals to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities or unpatched software.

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